Bitaemo ... Welcome

We welcome all Orthodox Christians to come and share the spirit at St. Vladimir’s. We extend a greeting to our Metropolitan, our Bishops, all the Church Hierarchy, all our friends and family members of parishioners, near and far, as well as to all our former Priests, Dobr. and families.

In 1927 we began as a Congregation in Windsor and in 1937 became part of the U.O.C.C. In October of 2003 we celebrated our 40th Anniversary at 2000 Tecumseh Road East and in 2007 our 80th Jubilee and in 2012 our 85th as the St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral Congregation ... come join our family as we build the future.

May God favour each and every one of you with His Blessings.

For the members of the Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Vladimir, Windsor.

The Executive

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