The Very Rev. Dr. Frank Kernisky Parish Archival Library

On October 6, 2002, at the 75th Anniversary Celebration Banquet it was announced the formation of the Very Rev. Dr. Frank Kernisky Archives. The Archives represent the collected artifacts, documents, pictures, items and records of our congregation during the congregation life.

Very Rev. Dr. F. Kernisky, Dobr. Anna
Son Ivan and Daughter Alice

These Archives are an on-going project, being developed as more pictures, documents, artifacts, items and records are catalogued. All archival records, either on-loan or donations, are currently being sought after for inclusion in the Rev. Kernisky Archival Library.

Some of the pictures are featured on this WebSite. Other items will be added from time to time. Please revisit again.

Blessing of the Cornerstone for our first Church, Seminole Street at Hickory Road, August 15, 1937. Rev. D. D. Leschishin, Pastor of St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Osyp Lersey, Chairman of the Executive, Wasyl Turchyn, Treasurer, and Paul Stepoway, Chairman of the Building Committee among those in attendance at this historical moment ten short years after the congregation was first formed in 1927.

Mixing The Dough
At The Stove In The Old Kitchen
Pyrohy By The Dozens
Clergy At The Cornerstone
Blessing Of The Cornerstone Oct 5, 1963
The Moment Of Placement
Divine Liturgy
Visiting Clergy During The Liturgy
Mr. Semeniuk Addressing The Parish
Metropolitan Addressing The Parish
Fr. Kernisky Addressing The Parish
Celebration Banquet
The CYMK Champions from Windsor
Our CYMK at Conference
When Windsor CYMK Ruled the world
Dr. Robert. Scoren completing the altar mosaic. Blessed Sunday October 5, 1969
Ladies Group Early '60's
1988 - Troyanda Dancers
Burning Of The Mortgage - 1978
Choir & Bandura Ensemble
1954 All-Ontario Basketball Champions